Home Sellers: "Realtors are State licensed professionals who besides their proven knowledge, also passed a police criminal record screening. We can help you selling your property”.

Tips for Home Sellers

Evaluate Your Situation.
Do you really need to sell? Have you analyzed other alternatives that allow you to stay? If you need some cash, you might be better off refinancing your home. Whatever your reason, crunch the numbers first to see if it makes sense to sell your home.

Price your home correctly.
Pricing your home correctly is the most important step in this process. Do your research and be realistic. Price your home above the "Sold" prices but lower than the "For Sale" prices and consider offering incentives. You may also price it "Low" and when you get several offers, counteroffer all of them asking for the best and highest offer.

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Make it easy for buyers to see your home.
Prepare your home by cleaning and staging it so buyers can imagine themselves living there. Learn about your competition and find ways to make your home attractive. Make the showing of your house easy to potential buyers. Technology and the Internet have empowered buyers, so make these tools work for you too marketing your house effectively.

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Analyze offers carefully.
The key is not to take them personally, they are just business propositions. Review every offer carefully and negotiate terms so you can come to an agreement. But a signed contract doesn’t mean it’s over. Your house has to pass the appraisal and inspections, and you need to be prepared to negotiate more if needed until all parties are satisfied with the terms. The key is to master the 4P’s:Plan,Price,Presentation, and Promotion.

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Hire a Professional real Estate Agent.
"For sale by owner" is an option some sellers are successful with; however statistics show many regret that decision. On the other hand, a Realtor is a State licensed highly qualified professional, who has successfully passed a Police criminal record screening, trained to ethically represent you in one of the most important transactions for you: the selling of your property.

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