Real Estate Associates F.A.Q.

Q. Why should I switch to The Golden Key Realty?

A. You should switch to The Golden Key Realty because you deserve to have more money in your pocket at the end of each transaction. You don’t need more empty trophies to take home or more plaques to hang on the wall. You don’t need more hypocritical recognitions from those who are taking outrageous percentages from your hard-earned commissions.

Q. What are your commission plans?

A. We have three 100% commission plans to choose from:

Plan 1: $95/month & $195 per closed transaction. Limited E/O insurance included. Recommended for top producers. More than seven closings per year.

Plan 2: $45/month & $455 per closed transaction. Limited E/O insurance included. Recommended for agents who close between four and six transactions per year.

Plan 3: NO monthly fees. Just $595 per closed transaction. Limited E/O included. Recommended for agents who close less than four transactions per year.

Q. Do you provide transaction coordinator service?

A. Yes, we do. This service is optional. The fees charged by our approved transaction coordinators are $450 per transaction side, and $750 per dual transaction.

Q. Are there any sign up, franchise or desk fees?

A. No, there are not sign up, franchise, desk, or any other hidden fees.

Q. Do you provide office facilities?

A. No, we don’t. Our Associate-Licensees work from their personal home offices, or from wherever place they want. With the current technology of laptops, wireless devices and highly efficient virtual office programs, the need for a physical office space is no longer a top priority in real estate. We rather prefer to pass those savings to our agents in the form of low brokerage fees.

Q. How can I turn in the transaction documents?

A. As soon as you get a listing contract signed, or an accepted purchase offer, you simply open the transaction in and start uploading the transaction’s documents online via email or fax as they are created. This way when the transaction closes, your complete paperless file is archived.

Q. What is the fastest way to become affiliated with The Golden Key Realty?

A. The fastest way is to start the process filling up form RE-214 “Sales Person Change Application” using e-licensing online system at
As soon as the change is official in the DRE website and you send us copy of the required forms duly executed you can start doing transactions under The Golden Key Realty. The total process could be completed in just a few minutes. Click here to JOIN and follow our simple steps.

Q. I have a Broker License. May I join to The Golden Key Realty as Broker-sales person?

A. Yes, you may. You fill up form RE-204 “Broker Change Application” at

Q. How soon do I get paid after a transaction escrow is closed?

A. You can be paid by escrow the same day the transaction closes if you turn in the complete file for Broker review at least two working days before the escrow closes and all requirements are met.

Q. Do you offer Broker Support?

A. Yes, we do. You can get Broker assistance by phone, by e-mail, or in person. Our Associate-Licensees have direct access to the Broker even on week-ends. Besides Broker support we provide training and disseminate information via webinars.

Q. Do you offer recruiting bonuses?

A. Yes, we have a recruiting bonus program. As far as you continue affiliated with The Golden Key Realty, each time an Associate-Licensee you invited to join the Company closes a transaction, you receive $50. You need to send us an e-mail recommending the Agent before he/she contacts us for the first time.

Q. Do you require a minimum sales volume?

A. No, we don’t require a minimum sales volume. Each Associate-Licensee is an independent contractor, and it is up to him/her how they want to conduct their business.